Version 0.2 of CircuitPython Library Released

I’ve been chugging away at improving the functionality and compatibility of the CircuitPython library designed for the pico_synth_sandbox. With that comes new, shiny releases such as this one! The new version changelog details are as follows:

  • class dynamic reconfiguration of sample rate, buffer size, etc.
  • pico_synth_sandbox.waveform.Waveform class removed and replaced with static functions. Ie: pico_synth_sandbox.waveform.get_square().
  • Hardware abstraction class pico_synth_sandbox.board.Board with support for Rev1 and Rev2 hardware revisions. All hardware-related class constructors now require Board object parameter. BOARD="..." setting added to settings.toml file to use pico_synth_sandbox.board.get_board() automatically.
  • pico_synth_sandbox.voice.sample.Sample supports synthio.Note.waveform_loop_start and synthio.Note.waveform_loop_end parameters with automatic bend adjustment. Requires CircuitPython 9.0.0-alpha6 or greater.
  • New triangle waveform: pico_synth_sandbox.waveform.get_triangle().
  • Program change and generic message support added to pico_synth_sandbox.midi.Midi.

In the current development process, many aspects of the library are changing which and backwards compatibility is not exactly guaranteed at the moment. If you have any code written for v0.1, I highly recommend reviewing the library documentation and included examples for changes to the workflow.

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