Making Music with CircuitPython and the Raspberry Pi Pico!

Ready to get started making your own synthesizer, sampler, or drum machine? Skip the headache of starting from scratch by using this nifty pico_synth_sandbox development board with a built-in hardware abstraction library to stop thinking about the technical mumbo-jumbo and start making music!

Try out one of these cool projects to see what you can do!

Drum Machine

Control analog-style drum sounds using a step sequencer and create funky beats. Render the kick, snare, and hi-hat to your will!

Monophonic Bass

Control two oscillator voices to produce deep, rich sounds. Add a sparkle of arpeggiator in, and you can make the dance floor shake!

Microphone Sampler

Get goofy by recording your own sample with the built-in microphone and playing it back however you want, musical or downright weird!

Polyphonic Synth

Use the full capacity of the Pico to control up to 12 notes at one time to create beautiful soundscapes with complex chords.

The pico_synth_sandbox features:

  • Raspberry Pi Pico with 256KB RAM and 2MB ROM
  • 16-Key Capacitive Touch Keyboard
  • I2S Line Level Audio Input and Output
  • Stereo MEMS Omni-Directional Microphone Input
  • Amplified stereo speakers and headphone output
  • 16×2 Character LCD, 2x Rotary Encoders, Input Level and Output Volume
  • 3.5mm MIDI Input and Output
  • LiPo Battery